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Damp Awareness Week 2021

01st November 2021

We are launching our first ever Damp Awareness Week in Northern Ireland from 1 - 5 November 2021. The week has been created to help people learn more about the causes, signs and preventative measures to reduce damp and condensation in the home.

Over the course of the week, we will be sharing ‘top tips’ with tenants and the public about what signs to watch out for, and what you can do to make sure damp doesn’t become a problem in your own home.

Sean Fitzsimons, Director of Asset Management commented: “During this time of year damp can become a real issue in many of our homes and so Habinteg has set out, alongside our project partners, Condensation Solutions, to tell more of our tenants about what causes damp and how to stamp it out. 

“Damp can have serious consequences for our health and so it’s important to take early steps to stop it from happening in the first place, and to know what to do if it does occur.

“Simple measures like using pan lids whilst cooking, drying clothes outdoors and not over radiators, closing kitchen doors, ensuring your bathroom window is open and the door is closed when showering, are all things we can do to help prevent damp creeping in.”

From Monday to Friday, we will be sharing top tips on our social media channels across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Hugh McCulloch, Director of Condensation Solutions said: “It’s great to see an organisation like Habinteg really stepping up to the plate and become industry leaders in damp prevention on behalf of their tenants.”

“Condensation Solutions have built a strong partnership with Habinteg and fully support their upcoming Damp Awareness Week.  We are delighted to offer our help and expertise in conjunction with their campaign.”

“Damp can cause serious damage to health and property, and so following the guidance throughout the week will really help to reduce the chances of damp occurring.

“It’s important to watch out for signs of damp in your home and advise Habinteg so they can help!”

To find out more about keeping damp out of your home, keep an eye out for Habinteg’s top tips during the week on Facebook and/or on Twitter

You can view all the Top Tips from Damp Awareness Week HERE

Damp Awareness Week 2021
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