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It’s in our interest as well as yours to keep your property in a healthy state.  When dwellings are new or newly refurbished, some repairs are the building contractor’s responsibility to repair; defects should be reported in the normal manner (see below) and you will be advised accordingly. At the end of the contractor’s liability period (in the case of first lettings) the care of your home will become the responsibility of the Association and the tenant jointly. Some repair items are the Association’s responsibility and some are the responsibility of the tenant - you can check liability using the link on the left.

We have a legal and regulatory responsibility to undertake servicing & safety checks to ensure that the systems in your home remain  safe to use and perform efficiently. Read our Safety Checks information in full HERE

We aim to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently. You can contact us at any time with a repair request using the 'Report a Repair' link from the menu on the left or via the 'Repair Service' link on the home page of this website. Your website correspondence will be acknowledged immediately and passed to the Asset Management Team at the earliest convenience. If you wish to contact us during working hours*, you can call the Asset Management Team directly between the hours of 09:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:30 at the office responsible for your tenancy - Holywood Office: 028 9042 7211 / North West Office: 028 7136 0015You can also report any problems to your Community Assistant (where applicable), or by contacting our offices via the main telephone, email or calling in person (all details are supplied on the Contact Us section of this website). When reporting a repair you must tell us when you will be home, or make arrangements for access. We will then arrange for our workmen to call and carry out the repair. Always ask to see some proof of identity.

Always remember to provide your name, address, contact details and the nature of the repair. Sometimes an inspection may be required before the repair is undertaken. In order for our approved contractors to prioritise their work, repairs are categorised as follows: EMERGENCY = 24 hours, URGENT = 4 working days, ROUTINE = 20 working days. Repair Response Times on the left menu provides further information regarding categories.

You may need to contact services at night or at the weekend (for out of hours emergency repairs Freephone 0800 7313081 - service provided in partnership with Radius Connect 24). NB Only 'emergency' repairs are dealt with under this service and you will have to pay for any work carried out which proves to be non emergency (replacement of glass is a 'tenant responsibility' repair).
When a tenant chooses to leave a property, members of our Homes and Community team will visit to highlight the condition in which we expect the property to be returned. Properties during change of tenancy are subject to strict Letting Standards. Please note when leaving a property, tenants will be asked to rectify issues with the property or be liable to face charges where Lettings Standards are not met.



If you have need to contact the Fire Service, or water, gas or electricity services, you must advise the Association as soon as possible. In emergency requiring POLICE, FIRE AND RESCUE, AMBULANCE, MARINE AND COASTAL EMERGENCY or MOUNTAIN RESCUE dial 999

For additional out of hours emergencies, call:

Crimestoppers - 0800 555 111
Health Information Service-  medical / dental EMERGENCIES -
0800 665 544
Planning Service -
028 9025 2800
NIE - faults / supply  -
0845 7643 643
Gas (Phoenix and Firmus) - 0800 002 001
Department for Regional Development - street lighting -
028 9025 3051
Flooding Incident Line - SERIOUS FLOODING  -
0300 2000 100
Northern Ireland Water LEAKLINE - mains water supply -
0800 282 2011
Northern Ireland Water Waterline FLOODING -
0845 744 0088
Rivers Agency - FLOODING from rivers  -
028 9260 6100

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