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Our Properties

Our Properties
We provide housing across Northern Ireland. The majority of our schemes (housing developments) provide a mixture of house types - family houses, apartments and bungalows - and the main categories are as follows.

General Needs Accommodation

This housing is designed for families, of varying sizes, and for single persons. The majority of our developments include wheelchair user houses - apartments or bungalows - designed or adapted for people with a disability.

Category 1 Schemes for the Elderly

These developments consist of bungalows and / or apartments, specially designed for the needs of older people.

Category 2 Sheltered Housing
Sheltered Housing is a group of dwellings - usually apartments - specially designed with the needs of older or disabled people in mind.

Supported Housing Schemes
The Association is involved in a number of initiatives for people requiring additional support. Support, in these instances, is provided by partner organisations - a range of agencies with specialist experience.

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