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To help you quickly find the information you need, we have gathered here our Frequently Asked Questions. Please click on the relevant question to view the answer.

  • How do I apply for Housing?

  • Can I apply for housing if I live outside Northern Ireland?

  • Can I swap my home?

  • How often do I pay rent?

  • How much Notice do I have to give to end my tenancy?

  • How can I make rent payments?

  • How can I check my rent account?

  • Can I get Housing Benefit to help with my rent?

    As a tenant of a registered Housing Association, you may be entitled to Housing Benefit and may make an application to your local NIHE Private Housing Benefit District Office. Contact NIHE on 03448920900 or access information online HERE.

    The Housing Executive have a Housing Benefit Calculator which will help you to determine if you are entitled to help - HERE

    We can also give help with your application - please click on the 'get in touch' button below and ask to speak with one of our Housing Officers.

  • What If I Am Having Difficulty Paying My Rent?

  • Can I buy my home?

  • How do I report a repair?

  • Can I keep a pet?

  • How do I make a complaint?

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