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Homes | Lives | Communities
Mission Statement
Habinteg will provide accessible, affordable, inclusive, integrated homes and excellent services to enrich lives and communities of all our customers.
Working for people, with people, through people
Driving continuous improvement across all our services
Being honest, respectful, transparent and trustworthy in all that we do
Embracing diversity, equality and opportunity. Enhancing inclusive living experiences for all our customers
Working to develop dynamic services both internally and externally, through teamwork, collaboration and partnership
By involving our customers and stakeholders, we will create sustainable and thriving communities and provide quality homes and services
We will value, invest in and empower our people as individuals and teams to improve how we work together
To deliver performance improvement in all areas of our operations
To ensure financial viability and deliver Value for Money

Habinteg Charter
All people - customers, employees and colleagues - should, at all times, be treated with and treat others with respect. This is the overarching principle of our interactions with one another. People will be listened to, treated courteously, valued and supported.
The work we do and the services we provide must fulfil our Mission Statement and be of the highest quality. We will build quality homes and provide a quality support service. Staff members will be suitably trained and professionally supported in their roles.
Habinteg will be honest and open in its dealings with customers and staff members. Staff members will likewise be honest with each other, displaying integrity in the workplace and positively representing the Association at all times.
We will treat all our customers and staff members fairly, without prejudice or preference and will oppose discrimination. We will actively promote good relations and regularly train and develop all staff members in line with our Equality Scheme.
We will strive to ensure best practice and continuous improvement working with partners and colleagues to best serve customers and enhance the working environment of staff members.


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